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Enjoy the peace of mind in knowing your family's security will be taken care of.

Family Trust - Why? How? When? Cost?



  • What assets do you have?
  • Are you in business? 
  • Do you wish to protect assets as you start a new relationship? 
  • Do you want to protect the assets for your partner / spouse and children in case you need rest home care later in life? 


  • Appropriate steps and documents can protect your assets and your family. 


  • Usually the sooner the better. 
  • The asset values are “locked in” at the time you do it. 


  • Usually $3500 – $4200 plus GST plus disbursements for most people.
    (Includes a total “package” of correct documents including:
    •  New Wills and Memorandum of Wishes. 
    • Transfer of assets to the Trust. 
    • New loan / mortgage documents with your Bank).

Phone or email David Brown at David J Brown and Associates for further advice with regard to any of the above.

Family Trust - Why? How? When? Cost? (Click here to download a PDF)