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Save time, money and worry by getting things right at the start. Get advice early.

Conveyancing and Property Lawyers in Auckland

At David J Brown & Associates we are experienced conveyancing lawyers in Auckland – our job is to save you time, money and worry.

Conveyancing is the technical term for the legal transfer of a property title from the seller to the buyer in exchange for payment. In most instances, conveyancing is trouble free and straight forward, however when things do go wrong the results can be very complicated and costly.

No matter how simple it may seem, never sign any documents or agreements without having our legal executive Paula Fletcher or one of our solicitors check it first. Whether you’re planning to purchase your first home, or you’re adding to an extensive investment portfolio contact our legal executive Paula or one of our other Auckland conveyancing lawyers in Auckland for your peace of mind.

As trusted property solicitors in Auckland, David J Brown and Associates are your source for reliable, accurate legal advice, handling all aspects of the conveyancing process.

After all, the purchase of a new property requires careful preparation and a full understanding of real estate ownership laws. Let us assist you through the entire process for a seamless transfer of the property title from one party to the next.

Here is a document regarding Conveyancing – Purchase / Sale / Refinancing

Property Lawyers in Auckland

Buying a piece of property can be exciting, but it can also be stressful. The search process itself can be frustrating, as it involves a lot of competition for good properties.

This is where we come in. Our Auckland property lawyers at David J Brown & Associates are dedicated to giving you an advantage over other buyers. In addition, one of our top priorities is to make sure that the buying process is as fast and as stress-free as possible.

The David J Brown & Associates team comprises some of the most experienced property lawyers and one of the most experienced legal executives in Auckland, with an impressive track record advising some of the city’s property owners.


  • Giving advice before you sign
    1. Pre auction
    2. Pre offer
  • Drafting Agreement for Sale and Purchase (to include appropriate clauses to fit your circumstances)

A sale and purchase agreement is an agreement between you and the vendor on the details of the sale of the property. The generally accepted document to use here is called the ‘Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Real Estate’.

The contract should be prepared by a real estate agent representing the seller, but if you are engaging on a private sale, you can have a sale and purchase agreement prepared by one of our lawyers or our legal executive Paula. Good conditions to include in the agreement are the following:

  1. Condition re LIM
  2. Condition re Finance
  3. Condition re Building Inspection Report
  4. Check Dates

Review of Pre-Signing Agreement

Before signing any agreement, check with a legal professional, such as one of our lawyers at David J Brown & Associates. Our lawyers will check your contract, whether it clearly sets out the full details of the transaction, and whether it includes any special conditions. Some special conditions may include obtaining a Land Information Memorandum (LIM).

Our lawyers can also advise you on easements and covenants, Building Inspection Reports, and LIM Reports. In fact, we help you with all aspects of the transaction. Call one of our lawyers today.

  • Checking title and advising regarding easements and covenants
  • Advising and assisting with Building Inspection Reports
  • Advising and assisting with LIM Reports
  • Completing all aspects of the transaction.


  • Building Contracts are frequently weighted in favour of the builder
    1. Notice periods for payment after receipt of invoice
    2. Variations
    3. Settlements – To name just a few
  • We assist to get the contract right for you
  • We assist with finance arrangements to make progress payments as required throughout the contract


  • Mortgage advice and working relationship with experienced mortgage broker
  • Loan contracts and mortgages
  • Facilitating drawdowns and transaction completions
  • Refinancing (assisting you with arrangements to repay Bank # 1 and take new finance with Bank # 2)


  • Advice pre-sale
    1. Method of sale (private / trademe / real estate agent)
  • Advice pre-auction
  • LIM report advice
  • Auction contracts
  • Agreements for Sale and Purchase
  • Contract advice


It is not uncommon for there to be arrangements within a family or between friends with regard to property.

In those circumstances it is sometimes necessary for the different parties to have independent lawyers and independent legal advice.

We can assist to “drive the process” so that you are able to put your proposals in as sensible and reasonable a way as possible and for us to prepare the appropriate documents for you to give effect to your intentions.

Obviously we will give advice to you with regard to the necessary documentation which might well include deeds or documents to deal with the aspect of how to deal with the balance of debt owed. There is no longer any gift duty. However there are real issues for a person lending and then gifting the whole of the balance debt for example in the context of qualifying for residential care subsidies in the future. We can assist with good advice with regard to all this.