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Wills & Enduring Powers of Attorney NZ

Your Last Will & Testament By leaving a last will and testament, you secure the future of your loved ones and ensure that your assets are well protected and managed.

David J Brown and Associates have decades of experience handling estates and writing up last wills and testaments in New Zealand. We can also assist you by preparing your Enduring Power of Attorney in NZ so that you can feel confident that your financial assets are in good hands.

Protect Your Loved One’s Future

As you get older, it becomes ever more important to consider drafting your last will and testament.

We understand that there are many matters to consider when it comes to preparing your will — you will have to determine who will manage your estate, how it is to be distributed and to whom. Careful drafting of your will and attention to detail are key to ensuring your assets are protected and distributed in accordance with your wishes. On top of this, you will also have to consider estate laws and regulations, to make sure that your will is valid and properly executed.

David J Brown and Associates can guide you through the entire process. We have years of experience in estate law, and can assist to manage and distribute your estate in accordance with your wishes.

We can also assist you by preparing your Enduring Powers of Attorney. These will ensure that your affairs are taken care of by the people you trust in the event that you are unable to make decisions for yourself.

At David J Brown and Associates, we pride ourselves on our unwavering dedication to our clients. We are friendly and approachable — we listen to your concerns and are always ready to answer any questions that you may have. We can provide you with the legal expertise and advice that you need to secure your assets for the future.


Setting aside time to make or update your will is time well spent. In the event that you die without a will in place, then the Administration Act 1969 applies which effectively means that someone else will decide how your estate is distributed.

At David J Brown & Associates, we can simplify the process of making a last will and testament. Ensure your peace of mind, book an appointment to make or update your will today.

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It is possible to have Enduring Powers of Attorney (Property) and (Personal Care and Welfare) in case you lose mental capacity in the future. An Enduring Power of Attorney is a legal document giving someone the authority to act for you when you lose the ability to make decisions for yourself.

Property obviously relates to property. Personal Care and Welfare really means a decision by your attorney as to where you live if you lose mental capacity.

New comprehensive forms came into effect through change in legislation in September 2008. A lawyer now has to certify as witness for the person giving the power of attorney. The lawyer cannot also witness the signatures of the attorney.

A number of decisions need to be made when putting Enduring Powers of Attorney into effect. David J Brown & Associates are experienced with these matters and can help you with the choices to be made. Call us today.

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