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Ensure you gain maximum potential from your subdivision.

Whether you’re seeking to subdivide your own land, or purchase a property within a subdivision, the experienced team at David J Brown & Associates can help manage the process smoothly and ensure that all bases are covered.


Before purchasing land within a subdivision, it is vital to obtain experienced legal advice. The Agreement for Sale and Purchase must provide for specific checks and balances pertaining to subdivided land.

It is customary to include “sunset” clauses giving the purchaser a right of withdrawal from the contract if the process takes too long. In addition, clauses regarding easements and variations to the plan must be covered adequately to provide fairness to the purchaser. Contact us now.


We have excellent contacts with surveyors and within the surveying and engineering industries to achieve fast, reliable results. We can provide you with a handy subdivision checklist showing the various steps necessary throughout the whole process and we’ll keep in touch with you and your surveyor throughout. Aspects of the process have been in a state of flux and have recently changed. Depending on your occupation and depending on the length of time that you have held land there may be major tax complications. We have tax experts available to provide the necessary advice from the outset to ensure it is safe to commence the process and to structure it appropriately.


Typically, building contracts that are prepared by the builder or builder’s solicitor favour the builder. Therefore, it is usually necessary to achieve some level of balance in those documents for the protection of the purchaser. It is very important that these documents are structured and expressed correctly for the person having the home built for them. Call us today.