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Family related legal issues can be difficult to resolve, and can be the cause of arguments and frustration when several parties with differing opinions are involved. However, as experienced Family Lawyers, David J Brown & Associates can help to smooth out the friction and ensure the best solution is achieved within a safe, legal environment.

Matters For You to Consider For First Appointment With Us

  1. Phone or email us with your situation.
  2. We will provide you with structure and solutions.
  3. See us with regard to this – make an appointment (usually with David). Allow one hour or so for this initial appointment where we will obtain the information about you and your partner / spouse and children and assets and debts.
  4. Bring with you proof of:
    • Bank statements and the like.
    • Bank statement showing mortgage balance if any.
    • Statements as to any other type of asset e.g. investments etc.
    • Debts such as credit card etc.
  5. When you come we will get a copy of certificate of title to any real estate and company search if applicable.
  6. After the interview we would endeavour as soon as possible to put proposals to the other party by letter to them or through their lawyer.
  7. We aim to achieve a settlement as soon as possible by signature of a Property Relationships Act Settlement Agreement as soon as we are able to. We will avoid Court proceedings but use them if we have to.
  8. Fees are usually not less than $3,000. It all depends on the circumstances and what we have to do. We will usually bill you in increments of $1,000 – $1500 or so.
  9. We do this efficiently and sensitively.
  10. The speed and resolution of things of course depends on the reaction of the other party and their lawyer.
  11. We will keep you fully informed throughout and we want you to “take ownership” of the process.

We look forward to being of assistance to you.

Separation (Separation – Relationship Property – Matters of First Appointment) (Click here to download a PDF)