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Wills – Matters to Consider (Individual)

A. Please consider:

  1. Executor/s –Trustee/s
  2. Beneficiaries
    • Partner / spouse?
    • Children
    • Grandchildren if no-one else is alive
    • Ages of children? – if young: Other beneficiaries eg brothers / sisters, nieces, nephews
    • Other?
  3. Married before / other relationships / other children?
    • Need for change to ownership of house, life interest, dealing with beneficiaries in a different way
  4. If you own real estate we are required by the Law Society to obtain a title search for that real estate to make sure about the form of ownership so we know that what you propose in your Will instructions will fit with that form of ownership – or to make any changes that might be required.
  5. Any special bequests

B. Cost: for an individual $600 (plus $70 where title search required) plus GST plus disbursements (including $21 title search costs re 1 title)

As at August 2017

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Matters to consider – Individuals (Click here to download a PDF)