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  • What will happen to your assets if you lose mental capacity?
  • Who would look after them and you?


  • Enduring Powers of Attorney (Property and Personal Care and Welfare) provide the answer.
  • You can appoint an attorney (your partner / spouse and / or a child or children) to take care of things.
  • If you don’t, then your family might have to go to Court to have someone appointed.
  • That can and should be avoided and the difficulties and significant cost of that avoided.


  • Mental capacity can be lost at any time as a result of an accident.
  • Certainly by the time you reach age 60 you should have Enduring Powers of Attorney in place.


  • For a couple fee $800 / for an individual fee $600 (in each case plus GST plus some disbursements) to put in place Enduring Powers of Attorney (Property and Personal Care and Welfare).
  • Then you can rest easy knowing you have provided for yourself and your family.

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Enduring Powers of Attorney – Advice – Why?, How?, When?, Cost? – March 2014 (Click here to download a PDF)