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Have you had a disagreement with your employer? Do you think you have not been treated fairly? If you are an employer, do you need help fixing disputes between your employees? Call Auckland’s expert employment lawyers, David J Brown & Associates.

David J Brown & Associates, one of the go-to firms for competitive employment lawyers in Auckland, offers sound advice and practical solutions to both employers and employees. Whether you are negotiating employment agreements, doing a large-scale organisation restructuring, or looking to resolve disagreements, we can help you. We also provide representation in all employment law matters.

Employment Law Compliance

Employment legislation in New Zealand changes fast, which is why having a legal expert on your side to advise you on your legal obligations is important. You will need a reliable employment lawyer in Auckland to back you up. David J Brown & Associates has timely and up-to-date knowledge of employment legislation, including the following:

  • Human Rights Act
  • Employment Relations Act
  • Holidays Act
  • Privacy Act
  • Official Information Act

Our team are the employment law specialists in Auckland. By working with us, you can be sure we will find a solution that works for you.

Employment Disputes

Whether it is a disagreement over holiday pay or salary calculations, disciplinary problems, performance management issues, or any other problem between an employee and employer, our lawyers at David J Brown & Associates can help. We also provide legal assistance in negotiating an employment agreement, a job dismissal, defending a personal grievance and many more.

Employment Agreements

The relationship between an employer and employee is supported by an agreement, which means once a dispute at work arises, your employment agreement will be the first thing you should review. This is why it is important to seek our advice and negotiate the terms and conditions of the agreement prior to signing it. It should also be reviewed by an expert.

Our Auckland employment lawyers can draft and provide advice on all types of employment agreements, including trial period, executive staff and managers, and collective or individual agreements.

Our services are not limited to the ones listed on this page. Call us to find out more about our expertise in employment law matters.


New Zealand has a comprehensive set of laws relating to employment that help keep workplaces fair. Whether you are an employee or employer you need to be aware of what your rights and responsibilities are under this legislation.

While your employment relationship and its procedures are primarily covered by the Employment Relations Act 2000, it is also affected by a raft of other legislation covering:

  • paid parental leave
  • health and safety
  • Kiwisaver
  • accident compensation
  • wages and holidays
  • trial periods
  • discrimination
  • sexual harassment


The relationship between employer and employee is underpinned by an employment agreement. This must be initially provided by the employer, and then negotiated and signed by both parties before the job starts. It is totally acceptable for an employee to take the time to seek advice and negotiate the terms and conditions of the Agreement PRIOR to signing the Agreement. An Employment Agreement can be a collective or individual contract. Let our employment lawyers guide you through drafting your agreement.


Most people at some stage of their working life will experience some sort of dispute, negotiation, or legally required procedure in their employment relationship. It might take the form of:

  • negotiating an employment agreement
  • raising or defending a personal grievance
  • going through or imposing a disciplinary procedure
  • a job dismissal
  • working through redundancy procedures
  • participating in mediation

While employment legislation is designed to make these situations as non-stressful for the parties as possible, sometimes this is not possible. This is often due to the break down in the employment relationship between the parties.

We understand that such a breakdown can be hugely stressful and we will provide expert advice and legal support at all points in your employment relationship. Using our knowledge of all aspects of employment law we will find the best resolution of your employment problem in the least stressful way.