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Get the right advice on business sale/purchases, company law, leases and assistance on partnerships and company formations.

Business and Commercial Lawyers in Auckland

Need good business advice? The team of commercial lawyers at David J Brown & Associates Auckland office can provide a comprehensive, straight-forward approach to buying or selling a business, business structures and finance. We believe a successful business needs a full and comprehensive legal platform to take advantage of the opportunity you see and to grow from, and to protect your interests going forward.

We are a firm of trusted, experienced Auckland business lawyers that provide you with professional legal service and representation. We draw from decades of experience in handling company sale and purchases, start-ups, and business law disputes, helping our clients navigate the complexities of New Zealand’s commercial law.

Whether you are starting a business for the first time or expanding an existing business, have many employees or are a sole-trader, David J Brown & Associates want to see you succeed.

We will consult with you in implementing a legal platform that fulfils all your company and business obligations, as well as help you prepare for all future scenarios and issues as well. Commercial law requires a careful evaluation of New Zealand’s business regulations and laws — having a full understanding of the legal structures that are governing local businesses can help you protect your investments and business processes.

We believe that effective legal advice is an important part of your business strategy moving forward. Our Auckland business lawyers have decades of experience and an in-depth understanding of the legal issues surrounding a wide range of business ventures.

Because being in business involves a team of professionals, we’re happy to work as a team with your accountant, banking professional and other key advisers – and because we’re surrounded by a great network of trusted business professionals, we can steer you in the right direction when you need it.

At David J Brown and Associates, our clients are our partners. We handle all aspects of business and company law, from ensuring that your shareholder and partnership agreements are drafted correctly and future-proofed, your interests in the company entity are protected now and under future scenarios, and all parties are advised correctly of their obligations. We provide advice and representation in resolving disputes with shareholders, customers, suppliers, banks and more. We have the expertise to follow through with your request, developing real solutions to all your legal needs.

Our team of commercial lawyers can help you simplify legal processes so that you can focus on what matters — running your business. For more information or to speak with one of our team, call our office today.


If you’re planning to buy or sell a business, you’ll need to ensure that the paperwork is carefully and comprehensively completed. We can assist with Agreements for Sale including transfer of the business names and assignment of leases, Purchase and Sale of companies including transfer of shares, shareholder agreements, registration of new companies, leases and agreements for leases. Call us today.


Are you aware of the differences between Agreement to Lease and a formal Deed of Lease? The detail with regard to each lease is important to both landlords and tenants. A tenant in particular needs to know the extent of their obligations. Don’t struggle through the legal jargon and risk a misunderstanding, get the right advice early. Contact us now.


Although company incorporation can now be done online, there are also important considerations that you must be aware of first. We can ensure your company has the right structure and discuss important issues such as the extent of protection provided through company incorporation, choice of company name and the consideration of shareholding and control.


When financing your business, you need sound legal advice to ensure you’ve got the right structure for the present and the future. We can work with your accountant to provide the best possible result for your business and its future success.


Are you entering into a business arrangement with a partner? There are probably a number of aspects that you may not be aware of – it is imperative that you seek legal advice from the outset. We can help with a Partnership Agreement which sets out agreements regarding all aspects of the business and ensures that each partner is aware of their obligations. Book an appointment to discuss your requirements.